Dear Diary,

I am not sure if you know this, but I am on HGTV Canada starring on a show called Home to Win. It’s pretty wild. Years ago, I was on the network starring on the show Buy It Fix It Sell It for a few seasons and that is how I qualified to be on Home to Win. This show is every network start that is either a designer or contractor and we are pulled together to pool our skills and re-build a home room by room. Once the home is completed three Canadian families compete to win this home. Last year we filmed our first season and it was a success! SO we went in for round two!

This past year we filmed Season Two and I was honored to design two rooms for this space. The home was a different style this year, we went with a nautical beach vibe and it happens that almost every room is blue and white! I was put to task to tackle the front entry, the Scotch Room and the living room on the 3 episode with Paul LaFrance. Then on the 8th episode I was back to film the children’s playroom transformation with Sebastian Clovis. Both of the episodes are very dear to me because they both touch a place in the home that has a lot of impact and I was truly honored to be able to tackle those spaces.

When you get to design the front entrance of a home, you are in charge of the first impressions of the space and the feeling that one gets upon arrival. When tackling such a vast amount of the home I wanted to make sure that I laced it in texture and and materials so that it already felt lived in—like the home already had a soul. I also excercied the theory of designing in doubles. I literally bought TWO of everything. If you really look closely the whole living room as two of every major item. Two sofa’s, two carpets, two lights, two coffee tables, two console tables, two big pieces of art, two ottomans…you get the idea. I wanted to share this with you because sometimes (most times) there is really no method to my madness and I really just go with what comes out! In this case we had so much space to work with that I wanted it to feel formal and collected while still feeling interesting and textural. The ‘more is more’ concept is never too far from my reach- so I layered lots of pillows of varied textures, lots of books, many hand painted (by yours truly) white ceramic vessels to really fill it up and make it feel interesting.

By the time we got to the basement the original plan of making it half a yoga room, half a playroom went out the window and they gave me full creative license to make that room entirely for children. They could not have assigned a better person for that better task. I had my own children’s art studio many years ago (Glitter Pie), so I feel very comfortable designing for children and how they play. Here again, I introduce the theory of doubles! I split the room into two and literally mirrored the same thing on each side of the space throughout the room. One half is for creating and making and the other half is for movies, games and TV watching. I got to have way more fun with colour in this space because it is entirely for children and because I love things that can double as other things, I went for the fully peg boarded walls for function and texture and had trays hanging from the ceiling for interest and storage. I designed pallet sectionals for the TV section and each of them have three soft pads stacked on top so that kids can take them apart and make forts and a fully padded cozy space for when they watch a show or movie.

All in all, I feel that the rooms are totally different but serve the purpose that they are intended. As a designer sometimes I struggle with the fact that there is no signature thing to the rooms that I create other than colour, creativity—but most recently I have owned the fact that the rooms that I work in FEEL differently. I think the way a room FEELS is the best part of being in it and I try very hard to make things FEEL as much as LOOK.


I just got news that there will be a Season 3 of Home to Win on HGTV Canada. We start filming the transformation of the new home in September! It is really funny that in TV land things happen so far in advance of when many can really see it—so stay tuned to the not to near future to see what wild and fun transformations that come from this new space!