Dear Diary,

I am a big gifter. Not big, meaning size, but, one of my love languages is gifts. I make it my mission to learn the little things that make my people smile. We have our inside jokes; shared our favourite treats; bonded over our deep love of layers and not to mention have nailed down essentials; our star signs, top colour picks and spirit animals ta-boot. These are all so informative when selecting a little gift. So I thought I would list my go to shops that are not only winning gifts I would wrap up and cover in glitter for one of my closest.

With that being said, many of these gift ideas are from my nearest and dearest. People I have become close with because we share the same creative magic. Below are all the links to their shops and a menagerie of my fav shop items.

I hope you love my favourites as much as I love giving them!

The Links:

Then wrap it in THIS:

A sign of things to come!

Happy holiday’s my people!