Dear Diary,

If you followed the likes of Lisa Frank or Jem and the Holograms you might have had your first addictive dose of iridescent. Most people grow out of childhood inspirations like this and stretch into concepts and surfaces that feel more “adult”. My sense of style and endless envelope pushing doesn’t know adult, it recognizes joy and all I can tell you is that rainbows and iridescent light refraction makes me happy.

When the iridescent trend recently flooded the sales floors most recently and reintroduced itself to the world that may have long forgotten or aquanited itself with the youth who never knew it existed my heart set fire. I could get my adult hands on everything rainbow coated once more with ease.

To me, colour is always on trend and anything that is shiny or light refracting is magical. I will never discount the possibilities these surfaces can offer or run out of places to include them.

When thinking of what I wanted the organizational boxes to look like in my new closet, I wanted something plastic and transparent so I could see what I had inside. But, when the option of an iridescent plastic was suggested, I jumped at the chance. My forever favorite rainbow light surface would live in a room where all my Jem inspired ensembles lived. How perfect is this?

The genius Steve at polymereshapes made these heart handled light refracting dream boxes come to life for my dressing room and I cant say that I am not ABSOLUELY OBSESSED with them! I am!  When the sun bursts in the window those boxes glisten and I can still see what I have inside of them because although the plastic is covered in an iridescent finish, I can still see my sweaters inside! They are glorious!

So, if you are looking for something to add a super-natural rainbow charm to your space and enhance the light bouncing effect to a room think of iridescent and what you can put this finish on top of!
Here is a link to call Steve and see if he can make you something magical and custom

Also, here are some films that you can add to most glass surfaces to make it a rainbow sensation