Dear Diary,

Krylon has hit the shelves for two seasonal styled seasons and the looks are haunting me in the best way possible. A lover of fashion, in my sifting through magazines,Pinerest and online shops, colour ways and overall vibes of what I pitched to Krylon is on point for what is hot hot hot right now.


Forever 21 inspired this post when I found this cute romper and wanted to make a photoshoot throwing back to my Spring time selects. I grabbed a few more cute looks, backgrounds and accessories that also align. I can’t wait to see what hits for Fall and if I have my finger on that look pulse. We have created the look, so check out the Instagram for a sneak peek for what will be hitting stores soon!


Summer had even more to offer. Maimi was on my mind for this as I was preparing for a photoshoot for a sun drenched client. Palms and those concrete blocks. Hellllooo!