Dear Diary,

When I walked through the doors of Tori Burch last summer, I was greeted by a pair of flats that were a shiny pair of ponies in a print that could only be described as painterly TERRAZO! They were on sale. They were a weird colour combo of almost red-burnt orange, white and green. I knew why they were on sale and I also knew why they should be mine. They were perfect. They were different. They were reminding me of something that I had loved before, but I didn’t know what. They were interesting and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea! Totally my way!

These shoes were the gateway drug to my apoxy floor obsession that would soon follow and grace many clients homes.

These shoes were the reminder of rules that needed to be pushed when selecting countertops for myself and clients when once upon a time terrazzo was forbidden.

These shoes were representative of something that was so bad that it was good.

May I introduce you to a hot trend that has swept Europe already and is only breaking into North America now?


Currently, in its new incarnation terrazzo is oversized and colourized in shades that delight! But also, it is taking over every surface and in many materials because now the so hip it hurts feeling is what is cool. What do I mean?

Well, sometimes with trends from the past (when they come back) we do so by overdoing it. By doing it in such a way that the in-your-face and in every way it steals the show and steals your heart again. Do you feel me? It’s like you cannot get away from it—so if you can’t beat them—join them!

The new terrazzo has romanced me. It reminds me of my beloved 80’s. It reminds me of confetti and it reminds me that there is visual joy in the irregularity of even the tiniest detail.

My apoxy flooring god did not do me any service by telling me about all of the colours of plastic flecks he could find to sprinkle on the floors of my many projects. The possibilities were endless when he showed me all of the different colour combos and degrees of flecking he can do. So, I started covering floors in it straight away!

I have even played with the idea of making my own wallpaper in honor of TERRAZZO!

But up until now, that is all. My next stop is making my own stencil to look like it and doing a whole room in this stone-like joy! Until then I dream in speckles, mini stone shapes and rock candy configurations in colours to match.


Guys, seriously, look at this. Teal and Terrazzo. Iridescent and Terrazo.  This is my heaven.