Have you walked away from a talk with goose bumps? Feeling more inspired than ever to really point your arrow, with an overwhelming desire to introduce more magic into your life? Then without doubt you have experienced a Tiffany Pratt talk. Tiffany shares her story, her inspirations,and her thoughts on life, love, business and creativity, to leave you in a euphoric whirlwind of wonder, believing that life can be beautiful.

Tiffany is in audio format! We have collected many of her talks over the years on Soundcloud. She also has her very own podcase called the LOVE JAM where she dives in with the people she has met on her creative travels and talks shop, love and life.


“Grateful to have heard your words, and Thankful that you helped me move my ass this past week-end into finally writing my own story!”

“I’m pretty sure you have many other talks and books in you that will help alleviate peoples’ suffering, help transform them into their authentic selves and inspire people to take action.”
Aleksa Stupar


Creative Mornings
“If you find love in what you’re doing – it’s bunnys that are procreating. Hearts everywhere. Love, love, love, love, love. And the hearts are not just hearts. They are rainbow hearts. They are glittering. They are popping. Confetti comes out. You’re showered in the shit. It’s amazing” ~exerpt from Tiffany’s Creative Mornings talk


Need to Know More?
Tiffany shares her story, inspirations, thoughts on life, love, business, and creativity, to leave you in a euphoric whirlwind of wonder, believing that life truly can be beautiful. Bring your notebooks cause you will be writing things down. Legit.

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