Interior designer. Fashion designer. Stylist. Speaker. TV personality. Creative director. Author. Artist.
Now, let’s get down to business! What exactly is Tiffany in the business of doing? If you want to make it beautiful, be it your life, your home, or even a photoshoot, this Jane of all trades will bring the magic. She is in the business of finding out your dreams and helping you bring them to fruition. Below are the TP basics. Explore her world and get inspired!

Interior Designer
From the initial visit to the end, Tiffany and her team take you on a special journey to realise your dream space. Every experience is custom made and tailored to suit your needs, budget and space. You will be dazzled by Tiffany’s magical ability to draw out your style and transform your dream into reality.



It starts with a vision for your clothes. Using your old treasures to lay a foundation, Tiffany helps you find the magic – leaping from what you love and into the spaces you will love. Together you will create your dream space, holding hands, through the re imagining of old favourites and intertwining them with new ideas and items. Tiffany swirls your style onto the path towards nirvana.


An energetic ball of one-liners with edge of your seat delivery, Tiffany charms the crowd every time. Her TV experience is rich with regular Cityline appearances where she dazzles as a guest expert. Next up she conquers cable as a multi-season HGTV host and expert on Home To Win and Buy It Fix It Sell It. You never know what’s coming next but its guaranteed to be a whirlwind of entertainment, laughter and shared design ideas.


Have you walked away from a talk with goose bumps, feeling more inspired than ever to really point your arrow, and having an overwhelming desire to introduce more magic into your life? Then without doubt you have experienced a Tiffany Pratt “talk”. Tiffany shares her story, inspirations, thoughts on life, love, business and creativity, to leave you in a euphoric whirlwind of wonder, believing that life truly can be beautiful.