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Tiffany and I cozied up in The Glitter Suite last week to talk the recent transformation of her stunning living room. You’ll be hearing from me quite a bit as we bring you her colourful projects and recent obsessions, her bright escapades and wild styling.

Basically, all things Pratt.


Let me introduce you to our first article together!


My face must’ve looked like I’d never seen a couch before, a fireplace before, any of it before. 

It was just … magical. The face of every detail beamed as I walked past it, so proud to have its place in this living, breathing room.

I’d beat Tiffany in by about 15 minutes, so I took the time to lean into the warmth of all her things trying to gulp down every bite.

What had come before I never witnessed, but picture a chaise lounge plopped right in the middle surrounded by a crowd of shelving units, crafting material, a gigantic vision board, steel desk, printer, paper, stationery, you name it.  A classic clamoring work space that needed to stylistically keep up once the kitchen, bathroom, closet, bedroom, dining room and hallway were all licked by fresh paint and completely resurrected.

But it was more than that. 

As Tiffany walks in the door and we groove ourselves into the furniture, she cuts right to why this space’s revamp was so important.

“I was always known as the crazy crafter woman, so it was ok that my living room was this weird crafty mecca,” she comments. “But I wasn’t really living here. I literally lived here for ten years without actually living in my living room. And you grow tired of that. I want to live. I want to feel like I have a beautiful place to live.”

She punctuated that thought with words everyone who works from home can immediately relate to: “It never occurred to me that I needed this space to be pretty. I just needed it to work for my life.”

And therein lies the necessary balance. 

A space designed to work, but with room to live.

So, what was the unlikely match that kicked the whole renovation off?

That pink fireplace.

Mark from Trumeau Stones rang wanting to know if Tiffany would want a pink stone mantel, a piece he longed to craft. She gave him the go ahead, but after the measurements, the stone facade didn’t fit the existing dimensions of the fireplace, so she had to have the wall built out to cover the brick of the other fireplace and lop the original mantel off. No small feat, but the fireplace became a happy accident that turned into the catalyst for the room.

To complement such a pronounced focus, the vertical striped Farrow & Ball wallpaper had to stand tall and blend the fireplace in while the opposing Blush Pink Matrix sofa by Article reflects equal attention, the same unspoken drama. She polished it off with custom-made round pillows wrapped in velvet that quietly perch in front of a clear coffee table that doesn’t compete for applause.

Tall chairs, one dangling from the ceiling, the other a $25 vintage Peacock throne, bookend the room with height. The little oak and marble Mara side table also by Article creates the perfect nook for the hanging chair.  And so far, this is only one side of the room.

Once your eye catches the mismatched colour pouring through the top of the front windows, there’s new magic to look at. As the self-titled queen of custom drapery, Tiffany never thought she’d see the day she’d nix it, but colour gels allowed every ounce of light in while making the windows feel considered without looking forgotten. A little splash of purple a soft touch of blue-green and the daylight exhales into the room.

When I turn, there stands the real muscles of the room: the custom built-in designed and installed by the  Wood Studio of Matthew Leite. This is the game changer, the worth-every-single-penny piece.  With a heightened maker table on one end flowing down to a desk and ending with closed storage, the unit creates maximum functionality without hijacking the pretty.

Then there’s the crisp floors that carry the whole room and run through the entire apartment. They’re the 1920’s originals, but used to be a beaten-up honey colour that sucked the space right out. When she decided to switch it up, the Liberace white-floored palace vibe was born.

“I was literally screaming, ‘We should have done this ten years ago! This is the best day of my life!’” she laughs. “The white floors were my happiest moment.”

The finishing cherry on the design cake?

Her 10-year-old Home Depot special, a real grandma’s house light fixture she loves.

Now this room, a perfectly clashing storm of styles, colours and energy, lives as a resuscitated dream where both beauty and utility can coexist, where relaxing zen and elbow grease can keep company. Four walls that serve to inspire anyone who works from home that it doesn’t have to look like you work from home. The sweaty hustle doesn’t need to take over your life and shush the beautiful.

You can feel how I did.

Like I had walked into an golden, grown-up nursery rhythm.

Photocredit: Lauren Kolyn