Dear Diary, 

  Please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Michelle Silverstein, a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, who is a friend and collaborator of Tiffany’s. I’m dropping in to the diary to share the story of how my favourite lazy craft came to be! 

    Back in the fall, Tiffany asked me to work with her on a photoshoot to update her website. She left the hair and makeup design up to me, and I wanted to use my artistry to create looks that reflect her unique style. Tiffany is the type of person who can pull off almost anything style-wise, so I knew it would be a chance to utilize some playful and (of course) colourful details. Then one of those synchronistic moments happened where the inspiration popped up! 

  My friend and I were at Dollarama on the hunt for supplies to make vision boards (which, admittedly we didn’t wind up making…but don’t worry! The supplies for that project got used to make pompom pins, so there’s a happy ending!) I spotted this majestic blend of purple pompoms, and I did one of those gasp-that-turns-into-a-YAY sounds. Purple makes my heart sing! It is a colour connected with spirituality, regality, and is my default favourite colour for everything. Plus, there is something so joyful about a pompom! Those fuzzy little bursts of colour bring out a sense of playfulness and nostalgia. I had this vision of them blending into Tiffany’s hair, and needed to figure out a way to get them to stick in there!   

I’ll admit it, I am a lazy crafter. I like things that yield high impact, with very little effort. These pins are EVERYTHING I love about a quick craft – very little cleanup, easy to do almost anywhere, and usable very soon after creation (I get excited and want to play with new things immediately, if not sooner). That’s why I love how easy these pins are to make!

 Pompom Pins are such a fun way to make any hairstyle feel a little more festive! They can dress up a bun or ponytail, can be bundled on hair pulled behind the ear (much like how a flower behind the ear would sit), scattered in a braid for some pops of colour, and the list goes on.   

 Below I’ve outlined the supplies I used and steps I followed to craft the pompom pins I used in our shoot. Head over to your favourite craft or dollar store, make it rain a few loonies and toonies, and brighten up your hairstyles! 


  • mini pompoms in the colour of your choice
  • 2” bobby pins in the colour of your choice
  • 1 bottle of nail glue (note: this is the adhesive I used, and I selected it because it’s quite strong, but dries VERY dry (little chance of snagging hair)…but use whatever you trust works! You’re very likely a better crafter than I!) 
  • bristol board or cardstock
  • **Not necessary, but may I also suggest a thick magazine, or old cereal box to work on to leave space for the pompoms to dry!)


  1. Place as many pins as you’d like on the edge of the bristol board or cardstock of your choice (hot tip: you can also use the package the bobby pins come on!) Space them out about a finger’s space apart, and make sure the flat side of the bobby pin is on the top. 
  2. Brush the flat top of the edge of the bobby pin with a dot of nail glue. 
  3. VERY QUICKLY press a pompom onto the glue. Hold for 5 seconds (make sure you count Mississipily) 
  4. Once you’ve adhered pompoms on all the pins, leave them to dry for a few hours. I waited overnight (it was hard to wait…but sleeping helped pass the time!)
  5. Style hair with pins, and be a delight to yourself and all who are blessed to see your hair art!