Dear Diary,

When I first added you as a section to my website this year, I would never have dreamed that you would become something that I would eventually start to stress about. I think about you all the time and think about all the things I want to say and all the days that pass where we don’t share something new. During some of these deep thoughts late in the night I was visited by the suggestions that I could co-write this Diary! What do you think? Ok good. Glad you are cool with this because I have just the person.

Enter stage left: Dani Kreeft.

Dani and I met almost two years ago. I was dazzled by her. Her words and images that grazed a greeting card collection that I coveted. My favorite was the card with a picture of a rainbow and the words:

“There is one of these at the end of this, I promise.”

I loved her instantly. I started to follow her on Instagram like us crazy kids do. As time would pass and as her images and thoughts would float through my days I became more attached to her and her thoughts and words. So, I asked her if she wanted to help me co-write this. Help me say what I want to say. Make this conversational and fun. Luckily she said yes! That means that we can write more and post more and entertain more and that is what this is all about.

So grateful Dani. Thrilled to have you here with me.

Now from Dani:

The first thing I noticed about Tiffany Pratt is the same thing planet earth notices when it sees Tiffany Pratt.

Rainbow locks.

I caught a view of the back of her noggin’ while she browsed through my cards with her sister at the One of a Kind Show back in November 2015. It was hard to miss this buzzing energy cloud draped in texture and colour, the life of an entire closet somehow hanging on one woman. So, when she whipped around to ask, “Do you make these?!” I was over the moon to have that energy slam into me, to find her technicolored hair was solely an introduction to her bright spirit. She shoved a fat stack of cards into my hands with genuine praise for my work, but I kinda thought that was it.

We kept in loose touch, but it wasn’t until the OOAK show a year later when we snapped a few stupid selfies in my booth that I thought, “Now here’s someone permanent. This, she, whatever Tiffany Pratt is, you guys row in the same kind of boat.”

So that’s the story of us, but the story of me goes a little further back.

I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was in grade three.

And the rest is history.


Ok, yes, I did do that. It was called The Billy Goats Gruff, but don’t be fooled. I wandered my way through the rest of school with no real directive or road map in mind. Once I graduated, I countered everyone’s quick right into college with a sharp left to South Africa. What followed were years of sojourning through over twenty countries while completing a Journalism Diploma, snapping photos, scribbling in notebooks and still wondering what the heck to do with my life. But at 26, the resurrection of a long-forgotten dream to start a stationery brand floated back to the surface at the tail end of all this circumnavigation. With zero experience, no business degree and laughably-low knowledge of the industry, I debuted Dani Press in February 2010. Over seven years later, my greeting cards and prints have been carried in over 100 shops around the world including Chapters across Canada.

Then, in December 2015, my future turned on a clear hinge with a friend’s casual Sunday afternoon question, “Have you ever thought about copywriting?” I had no idea what it was, but as soon as I found out, I hauled all my eggs into the basket of writing for a living.

And now here I am. Writing for a living.

But back to Tiffany and me.

When she asked earlier this year what I thought about collaborating, I said what anyone would say, “Done. Yep. For sure. When do we start?!”

But more than working together, I think we’re a serendipitous pair. Not in a weighty way, like the cosmos were crashing and conspiring or something, but in the simple, normal way that kindred spirits can meet, like two kids rolling down a hill and laughing when they run into each other.

It’s the best. It’s joy twice as dope. It’s collaborative alchemy.

So, stay tuned.

We hope you’re as excited to see what comes of this as we are.