Dear Diary,

Well, it is done now. The Glitter Suite. It’s done. I cannot believe it as I type it.

Never in one million years did I think that I would have completely refreshed my entire home in one year. It wasn’t top of my list. It was only something that I fantasized about secretly when I let myself dream a little—but it was not pressing. Until it was.

You know those things that work until they don’t? Well, that was my living space and once I signed up for a complete kitchen renovation with Home Depot last fall—that was my one way ticket to refinish town. Once the kitchen was done, everything needed doing. Everything paled in comparison and so the work began.

Day by day, room by room I picked it all apart. I got rid of everything and nothing. I culled and said goodbye to everything and nothing. It was cathartic and it was necessary. It was time and I was ready. Months went by and slowly I could see the end—but it was during the summer months that I really took my place across the finish line.

The Glitter Suite is my ashram. A place of recovery and rest for me, but this year I had to sacrifice this to create change. I had to shed light in places that had shadows and memories that needed shifting. I added little details and highlighted things that I never thought I would over the years. But it wasn’t until Lauren Kolyn was here shooting the finished product that it all came clear.

We were talking about my photography style and how I liked my overall images edited. She said something like: “ I know your style, you are a less shadow, more highlight kinda girl” and right there it all made sense.

I don’t want to live in the shadows of my stuff while padding about within my inner world wondering what could be. I love highlighting what I have and desire to live in bright, light, colourful and mixed proportionate goodness.

Now, never in one million years did I think that I would have my place featured in Apartment Therapy this year. It was only something that I fantasied about secretly when I let myself dream a little. It wasn’t pressing until it was and now it is here:


So, thank you to every player who stepped foot in my home literally and figuratively this year to bring about change, cast out the shadows and highlight the goodness in my old vintage place. Thank you to every room that gave itself over to me one more time. Thank you to Lauren Kolyn for walking though the door and capturing my new rainbow ashram and for putting her forward to be featured.

Nothing is ever done. But for now, it feels that way.