Dear Diary,

Thanks to all my creative peoples out there… you, yes, you(!)… the first collaboration was a slam !#@&in’ dunk! Krylon and I schemed shortly after we saw all the hype and decided to percolate a seasonal collection. So you could get creative with colour each change of the weather with what I think is comin’ in hot.

Spring is on the brink of releasing in store. There is even a project guide with each line, with beautiful photos and instructions to get you acquainted with the sprays just in case you are new to the craft game.

Each seasons colours and crafts hit the stores when the weather does so. Here is what you need to know so you can hit up your local hardware store for Spring!

5 Shades, 3 Finishes & Where to Buy

Get the Tiffany Pratt Colour Collection coast to coast at participating Home Hardware, Federated Co-op, BMR, Kent and Patrick Morin stores as well as several independent paint dealers across Canada.