Hello TP people!

I’m Erin Boniferro. And I am here to craft. I will be here at least once a month, if not more to give you some DIY inspiration and some straight up clear craft step by steps!

But first a little about me! I run a studio and shop called Collage Collage. We sell books and art and prints and craft supplies – and teach classes for people of all ages. My story involves many years of teaching art in other places for other people. I got myself a BA from Emily Carr University in 2002, and had to do a few other jobs before I had the courage to open up Collage Collage. I think that working with kids and their families is some of the best kind of work I can do. I’m an advocate for arts-based learning and I believe that art making is integral to our development as human beings. I am opening up my heart to the use of more sparkles since a certain rainbow of a person came into our lives…

Here is our love story…

Tiffany and I have been destined to meet for a while. When I was opening my Vancouver shop, I had heard about this gal running a sparkly studio in the Beaches of Toronto (where I’m from). “Don’t you know her?” people would say, surprised that we hadn’t met already. While Tiffany was following her path away from a studio, I was slowly building mine. Then, one day – LOVE stepped in again. My old friend had finally met his match in a girl named Sarah, who was working with Tiffany at the time. Again, “Don’t you know her? You two should meet!” So with Sarah’s nudge and an already planned trip to Vancouver, Tiffany walked into Collage Collage on fall day of 2017 and has made her sparkly mark on my heart. We speak the same language when it comes to running a studio and loving a good fringe. We make the same sounds when we come across ribbon and notions organized by colour. There’s a mutual admiration for one anothers’ own take on what a rainbow includes. There is no shortage of laughs, and every time we cross paths more alignments of hearts and minds occur.

Now, Let’s make something!


-For this craft you’ll need
-6 to 12 6″ to 10″ card board circles (we used cake rounds)
-hole punch

You’re going to need some cardboard circles. Whip some up from the recycling bin or hit up a local bakery – ours are the rounds you’ll find under cakes.

Paint them bring colours and work in sets of 2’s. Each bauble needs a front and a back.
Once the paint has dried, use scissors to add notches all the way around the circle. The more notches the more complex your yarn design. Kiddos need no more than 6 to make something great.
Next, find all your yarn scraps. Fix one end to the back of your bauble and start by securing the yarn through one notch. Criss-cross your way back and forth around the bauble fixing the yarn in the notches as you move around. You can free form this or aim for a more geometric pattern, but I assure you it all looks grand.
When you feel the pattern is complete, tape the yarn end down to the back of the bauble.
Let em’ dry and then string them up and cue the music! We did these crafts for the holidays but they really can be for any time of the year, depending on the colour scheme you concoct! Add a little piece of gold paper to make it look like an ornament or just hole punch the cardstock and make yourself a mobile or wall hanging. Skys the limit.
Until next crafternoon,