Dear Diary,

Hit the pumpkin patch, and drop some colour on this fall season! The word on the street says snow is on the way, but my fingers are crossed for some more sweet leaf smells filling up my lungs. Now, I know pumpkins can be a hot mess, but I have a few goop free, solutions for you to get ready for the festivities sans all the mess. We even have some pumpkin-free options to save on the rot, and reuse, reduce and recycle some unsuspecting household items! Be sure to ask mom and dad first kiddos if you are here reading!

Click the images for the link to the instructions for each craft!

Cake Pan Pumpkin

Bandana Pumpkin Patch

Mason Jar Lid Ringed Pumpkin

Book Page Pumpkin

Get the full instructions on the HGTV website with many more crafts by your’s truly on their new and improved DIY page.