Dear Diary,

When most people think of the fall season or Halloween, they think of all the beautiful fall colours and the carving of pumpkins. Like most things, I think of how I can spice something up and make it different. Not one to follow holiday related conventions or colour schemes—my colour collection with Krylon was the perfect excuse to turn the everyday pumpkin into a candy-wrapper inspired dream and the traditional gourd scattered table scape into a rainbow connection.

I love that with a simple spray of a pumpkin, I have transformed something easily and without the mess of carving and candling its insides. I love that my front patio looks like an inviting candy coloured party instead of a scary and haunted house. I love that spraying pumpkins takes not time and the paint take 10 minutes to dry! Using the shimmer finishes or the chalky finish is an effortless way of making something look magical and chic. Oh spray paint I love you!

I loosely sprayed white dots on some to make them look like magical mushrooms. The paint totally dripped and it somehow looked cool and not sloppy! I loved it!

Here is what I used:

*White pumpkins (BUT! You can use orange pumpkins and paint them white first so that the colours come out nice and bright!

These colours from my colour collection:

Once I did this– I was on fire. I had to think of other ways that I could incorporate candy colours into the rest of my fall season décor! So, when scouring Pinterest a long while ago—I remember seeing a colourful gourd centerpiece! The vision was now complete! I would scatter as many mini gourds as I could fit across my dining table! I set to work buying out my local flower market of mini white gourds and I was surprised how affordable they were. They were 3 for 75 cents and I think I bought around 40 to fit across my 6-foot table.

When I got the min white gourds home, I wiped them all down to make sure that they did not have any dirt or debris on them. Then I laid them all out on a drop cloth in the width that I would assemble them on my table and eyeballed how many times I could switch out colours.

Once I picked my colours, I began spraying the gourds in colours that would bleed one on top of the other into a rainbow.

Here is what I used:

I cannot tell you how fast it was for me to complete the whole rainbow gradient of gourds and how stunning it looks to me! SO fast and now all of my candy coloured seasonal décor matches and the entire vision is realized!

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Always spray outside!
  • Always overlap and mix your colours! You never know what magical results will come!
  • Make sure to shake the can for at least one minute to ensure that the colour has entirely mixed and comes out as saturated as the lid!
  • Try something new! Why not try spraying something that you have never seen before! Doing something different is part of the thrill of doing things yourself!
  • Do it your way with your favorite colours and finishes! Just because I love rainbows doesn’t mean that you have to as well! Make your seasonal décor into something you love!

Check out my table of coloured gourds here on Cityline!

SO! Ditch the carving and get into the colour! This will be a mess-free time saving and colour inducing experience that you will want to do year after year! Promise!