In the design world, one sometimes only gets to see pictures of something they covet. Perhaps they would hold onto samples they loved and tape them to their walls for months. Maybe they could get their hands on a fan deck of colours and dance through the pages of a website making silent plans. But, it is not until a client agrees to one of their coveted choices that true magic can take place in the world of design. Where does every good designer start when embarking on a project? Paper and paint! Where have I turned my head these past few years? Farrow & Ball.

Enter stage left, my gateway drug:: the LOTUS paper.

Not one to repeat my choices, and certainly not one to suggest the same thing twice. I knew when such an occurrence happened that I was hooked.  The paper is ordered; it is being installed at the client’s home. It comes wrapped in craft paper with a sticker on it. Someone made and hand-packed that paper. I am in love. This company has my heart.

I leaf through the fan deck looking for the perfect shades to have ready in my mind’s artillery for the next project and THANK God I do. Because, such a project comes running after me and without hesitation I scream CINDER ROSE and the rest of the Café Cancan story is written. Months before renovating Cancan, I would walk the city streets asking myself if the everyday man would want to dine in a space slathered in Cinder Rose? I asked myself if I really thought it was the best choice for such a small intimate space? Every time I thought of it—I could not get it out of my head. It had to be. So, from this one simple obsession the whole colour concept of this space was born and the big Toronto debut for Farrow & Ball’s silent hero Cinder Rose!

The design details didn’t stop there – I had to adorn the ceiling details in leopard so that when the eye traveled up they were delighted in a flurry of furry. I had to run the walls along the stairs and the tiny bathrooms in stripes so that the ceilings appeared taller. See? I told you! I am obsessed. Such choices are bold and considered a little too much. I was only getting started. There is such a subtle elegance to the patterns and craftsmanship with the papers that somehow any and everything looks purposeful and upscale. I cannot go wrong.

My attention immediately turns from commercial projects and residential clients—to my home. The stylish wrath of these papers and paints needs to run wild through my halls and I immediately set to work on a mood board for my living room. Having begun my living room transformation with a replacement fireplace façade in a dusty rose—I had already set the project in motion. What better compliment to this bold choice than to match it up beside the broad stripe to set it off in the same signature dusty pink? The walls fully lined in these wholesome pillars of colour—I feel like I live in a subtly toned big top and now I want nothing to compete with this magical feeling!

My dining room needed a refresh—So I gave myself the gift of strong white for my birthday and painted my whole dining room myself one afternoon and post evening birthday dinner. It was a pleasure working with Farrow and Ball paint. Oh. My. Goodness. I always saw its depth and beauty on the walls—but using it myself was a dream. It was like painting with melted marshmallows. Not the consistency entirely—but the butter of its colour and density was almost edible to me.  Once I woke up and saw this bright, yet slightly muted white in the morning sun—I knew it had to continue somewhere else. So! Into the hallway we went with strong white along the bottom and a top trim of Calamine to really pull in the dusty pinks of my whole home the Glitter Suite together. I had no idea that Calamine would be a friend of mine. But I love her and I will find her more homes! What a girly dream shade!

I took a breath. I observed my newly whitened and freshly mallowed space and knew that I would finish this project off with the cherry on top. I just did not know what colour that cherry would be. The entrance hall was all I had left. It is a deeply us`ed and highly trafficked space. I decided to carpet the stairs in rainbows and wondered what would go with a rainbow? What colour do you choose when you are running alongside of all the colours? When I got quiet in my almost all pink space—I knew I had to do something unexpected. So I bought a sample can of Vardo and the rest was history. Why Farrow and Ball again? Why teal? Because those are two things I have come to count on.

Half of my home now is entirely dedicated to my love for Farrow and Ball. Almost every project I touch is laced in my obsession and deep pride in the brand. The current, yet old world feelings. The craftsmanship and consideration is something that cannot be compared. There is a depth and elegance. Yet a quirky charm and speciality to it all.  I feel proud and lucky to know and work with this product. Even the cans of paint make me stupid happy. It is a true love story that I admit will never end. I had to share, because we all like to jump into the minds of the creative types and inside my mind there is a colourful love for the things that I can stand behind. This is one of those things.

Peace! LOVE & Viva the magic paint made of natural CLAY!

PS: I hosted a gorgeous night with Farrow & Ball Toronto earlier this week at locations covered in Farrow and Ball goodness: Queen Books, Cafe Cancan and then finally in their stunning new showroom! It was so much fun adorning their new showroom with some handmade paper blooms (made by my friend Chantal) I painted them in a beautiful grouping of Farrow and Ball paints and sprinkled them throughout the space to make it cozy to celebrate their new floral wallpaper collection! Here are some BTS of the frosting!