Dear Diary,

What I know for sure is that it exists, this enormous well in me. It was dug long before I ever was, stretching miles and miles into my soul. It drops into a mystical cave lined with jewelled paintings and mirrored tiles, dipping into magical water full of storms and swirls, candy and concepts. Ever since I can remember, I’ve lowered my bucket down to draw dreams from out of its depths. I’ve spent my life fearlessly discovering its treasure. And what you see – in my projects, in my design, in my styling, in my hair – is evidence of that fearless imagination on display, my life’s truest calling at work.

This is where I start from, but from the inception, through the process, right to the polished finish, I deliver a deep move in perspective, a fresh gust of the improbable. My rainbow gospel isn’t a wacky palette or spray paint fix – it’s the truest way I live my life and the only way I approach my work. A life, brand, couch, kitchen, anything can go from wish to reality, but I see a rare revolutionary reality. What I want is for our work to breath in a sweet inhale of colour, bend whatever rules could’ve bound it, and fulfill the purpose poured into it – for it to rattle with the custom architecture of Tiffany Pratt.

Whether we’re starting at the sharpie-scrawled vibes of DIY or the high-end lustre of luxury, at handmade mix mastering or fully freestyle formal, what I know for sure is THIS CAN BE BEAUTIFUL. And I know that because I’ve seen it. When the golden glitter settles, what remains is resuscitated art, rekindled rooms and recovered pieces dripping with a fresh coat of new philosophy – one that started in that deep well in my soul. Every single day I get to draw from its pool and spin as a human kaleidoscope refracting light and love, pattern and play into a thirsty world that sometimes forgets its own possibilities. I wake up as a peach poet and conduit of creative chemistry for the sole purpose of service, for the work we get to create together. Because this work, this world, this all-and-everything can be so entirely beautiful. We just need to see it.