Dear Diary,

You know what? I get a lot of compliments on my skin. Everyone always asks me what my secret is and my answer is always water. This is not really the best answer for some people because they want me to prescribe some magic potion. But my magic potion is always: WATER!

Now that I have partnered with Soda Stream, I have found an alternative way to enjoying and adding more magic to my water. Instead of just offering plain water at the Glitter Suite (my home) I now offer lemon infused FIZZI water and it truly is a hit! Because the Soda Stream is cordless, I have taken it out on my patio and down to the beach to create a FIZZI water bar to hydrate myself and my guests while we relax by the lake. A tray filled with some citrus garnishes, some pretty cups, DIY drink protectors and straws is all you need to put your water bar instantly into effect.

Often when entertaining or hosting a few friends, it’s always those little DIY touches that really get people talking! Once someone engages with something that is handmade they immediately ask, “did you make this?” and then they ask how you did it and inspiration ensues! I love using materials that are easy to find and inexpensive because it usually results in simple making experiences that everyone can jump in and try. One of these easy to make things are fuse bead drink protectors and coasters! They are a throw-back fun textural dream and they transport me back to my art teacher days when I would pull out the fuse beads on a rainy day and watch the quiet, colour patterning takeover. You can buy fun shaped fuse bead plates at any craft store along with the fuse beads. Make sure you have an iron and some wax paper to fuse them together when you get everything home. If you want drink protectors make sure to leave a hole in the middle of the shape you are working on. If you want to make it into a coaster fill your fuse tray right up! The sky is the limit and only you can put a pattern or colour scheme in effect.

Here are my Soda Stream inspired drink protectors and how I dazzled my water bar down by the beach. It’s funny how a little theme can bring you loads of colour-filled inspiration and make you an instant hostess with the mostess!

I often feel that you don’t need much to entertain, but if you have the right elements it can feel like a world of choice and good taste.