Dear Diary,

I love happy accidents. Don’t you? You know the ones that come from taking a step back in a moment of creative momentum and discovering something totally unexpected? Well, this happened to me when I was spraying out a bunch of items preparing for my Colour Collection photoshoot. Having worked with Krylon for a few years now, we have collaborated on a colour collection that is a hand-picked selection of my favorite colours and finishes in the Krylon lineup. More details to come soon…

I digress. OK. So, I am spraying all sorts of things including a peg board and when I am cleaning up I see the polka dot pattern that has happened below the peg board onto the drop cloth and I am in love. It looks like this really loose, imperfect but totally paint inspired version of those throwback candy dots. All I keep thinking is that I need to make this for real! How cool would this be as a picnic blanket or table cloth? Cool! So I set to work and made one cause when I get a bee in my bonnet I don’t let up until it has been executed.

You may not think this is the coolest thing, but I do and I really like how easy and fast it is to make. If you end up having to go out and buy a piece of peg board, you will want to use it afterward for storage or organization because you will have sprayed it into a rainbow and rainbows are magical. Also, my mad hot love for the pegboard as an organizational tool or just an additional and inexpensive texture in a room will never falter.

OK! Get a clean drop cloth, pick your favorite Krylon spray paint shades (mine are candy dot inspired colours) and set to work outside. It only takes a hot minute and you spray as close or as far as you like from the holes of the pegboard. The closer you are the darker the spots, the more further away you are the lighter the spots are. I don’t stress too much about seeing over spray because it looks loose and handmade. I also like that you can overlap the colours when spraying the dots so that you can see what colours they mix into. Once you have sprayed out the peg board you shift it down until you have completed the full length of the drop cloth. Give it max ½ hour to dry and you are ready to picnic.

Sometimes things don’t need to be fancy or typical to be great. They just need to inspire you and make you happy. That’s what this blanket does for me & I hope this little idea inspires you to take this concept and make your own magical outdoor blanket or table cloth this summer!

All photography by Koko Photo.