Hello TP people!

I am back! For more DIY magic. We call it crafternoons but really as they say “Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evening, Pizza at supper time” Just like Pizza, you can craft anytime.

If you didn’t get the low down on me, I am Erin, and my story is over yonder.


Nothing says it’s a party like a garland. Nothing says holiday party better than pom poms and sparkles! This is a simple, sensory craft that kids will love to take part in. Surrender to the glitter – it’s about to get sparkly in here.
For this craft you’ll need
12-16 acrylic pom poms 1/2′ to 2′ in diameter
(cotton balls work great too!)
white glue
loose glitter
wax paper for poms to dry on
2 small shallow plates or lids
needle and thread (for the grown ups only please!)

Pour a little white glue into one lid/plate and pour a little loose glitter into the other.

Pinch your pom pom on one side, and dip it generously into the white glue.
Let the excess glue drip off, and then dip that sticky pom pom in the glitter.
Allow your poms to dry on wax paper or a surface that the glue won’t also adhere to.
Continue to dip your own collection of poms into the glue + glitter until you have 12-16 that you love.
Trying to string wet pom poms is no fun. Go play outside. They’ll be dry in a few hours.
Have an adult do this part if you’re working with kids on this project-
with a needle and heavy weight thread, start stringing your pom poms.
Leave a little space between each one.
Add loops to the ends and string that garland up – it’s time to party!


We all made mini versions of these as kids – but now’s your chance to GO BIG.
There’s no wrong way to make these, just be sure to allow enough surface area for them to dry completely on, and be prepared to reinforce with hot glue when necessary.
For this craft you’ll need
All kinds of popsicle sticks – you can use all the same size or use large, small and medium ones.
white glue or hot glue gun
paint + foam brushes
*sparkles & glue, if you just need there to be more sparkles.
Grab some basic popsicle sticks of various sizes, and paint at least a third of them with some bright colours.
You can choose a more “snow-flakey” pallatte or go big with bold brights. We left a few of them natural for contrast.
This is a fun and simple step for kids- let them use foam brushes for best coverage.
If you’re using sparkles – paint a few sticks with glue + cover with glitter. Set aside to dry.
Once the sticks have dried start by making a triangle base for your snowflake.
Work around the triangle adding layers of sticks
Be mindful of how they’ll stacking so that they can dry flat + reinforce with hot glue
GO big! Treat them like mini mandalas and see how many sweet designs you can make.
Alternate painted and unpainted ones, and don’t forget to add a few sparkly bits.
Hang a huge snowflake or two on the wall and fix yourself a hot chocolate.