Collaborating is the best way to make things. You have an idea, and we have the muscle behind each and every project. Here we have our most recent collabs featured, and a history of how we collab with our partners! Strength in numbers.

The Graphic Wonder
Hello Dear and I have been working together for 10 years. You wouldn’t believe all we have worked on together over there years. There is no corner untapped with our collab partners. We can do it all under one roof!


Trash Talk with powered by RBC Ventures 
Before you put something in the recycling bin, do you give a second thought to how you could reuse it? Many items destined for the blue bin could have another life in our homes, whether it be storage, art or something you haven’t even thought of yet. GarbageDay aims to inspire homeowners and renters to look at their recycling and garbage in new ways. And I am here to show you how to upcycle TP style!


Palette x Tiffany Pratt
We’ve seen your pinboards + you know what you like – but you might not know how to pull it all together. Palette provides you with curated finishes and  materials palettes, taking the sea of choice down to what we know works. Three Palettes curated by Tiffany Pratt, showing you how to exactly inject colour into the home with her design touch.

Fellow Earthlings x Tiffany Pratt 
A limited edition collaboration handmade frames by Fellow Earthlings, curated colour ways and shape by Tiffany Pratt created from 1/1 recycled acetate in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Organic soft cases hand painted by Tiffany Pratt combining sustainability and creativity into a one-of-a-kind product.

Tonic Living x Tiffany Pratt 
A limited edition collaboration of handmade painted pillows with Tiffany’s signature style pom-poms. Each unique in size, style and colour way on organic canvas.

CXBO x Tiffany Pratt 
A limited-edition Mother’s day line of chocolates with the delicious and Toronto made iconic CXBO Chocolatiers. Brush stoked in edible chocolates, along with custom painted and labelled packaging. Each egg stuffed with sponge toffee, sprinkles and more chocolates!

Foxy Originals x Tiffany Pratt 
A Tiffany aesthetic line of jewelry, all in rainbow and tasselled fashioned. Gold and silver with vibrant colour. Packaged necklace, earrings, and bracelets with marbled backdrops.

Hides in Hand x Tiffany Pratt 
Ballet slippers that are locally made with quality local leathers, Tiffany has added her colourful flair on laces, beads and embossing.

Golds Apothecary x Tiffany Pratt 
Her own signature scent, this salt is the essence of Tiffany’s bath dreams. Soak away in the magic pink and magnesium scattered in rose petals.

Penny Paper Co. x Tiffany Pratt 
Rainbow throwers unite under enamel pins, tees, totes and well, a wiener dog too. To spread happiness, colour, joy and the mantra to leave everything more beautiful that crosses your path.

LovBird x Tiffany Pratt
A message that resonates, a hot pink shade that pops…this special edition tunic is our first Tiffany Pratt x Lovbird collaboration. Wear double the good vibes and remind yourself that to glow on the outside we must glitter inside. Enjoy all the self-empowerment that comes with wearing such an inspiring message.

Speechlust x Tiffany Pratt
The phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to gradually change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes, producing a display of vibrant rainbow-like colours. A reminder of your radiance, a meditation on your glow.

Sartoria x Tiffany Pratt
Warm skivvies that are woolen, breathable, and in all of Tiffany’s favourite pastels, with a signature hot pink stitch. These roos are the ultimate lounge wear, or layered to keep your cozy. Our small business collaborations expose the masses to the great luxury and quality of handmade goods.