‘Tis the season of family, friends and hot choco! Being together is what is most important, but I won’t lie, I do like filling the shoes of Santa, and finding the perfect gift for my loved ones, especially those that are hard to buy for. As many of you have seen I have done collaborations with many creators. The love child is often inspired by wanting to give a little something-something to my people. Something custom, because my creator heart can’t be still. I have to dabble in everything. It is also a great opportunity and support creator friends and spread the good news about their hard work, and great wares with all the care. Here is an amalgamation of products and people I have collaborated that might give you that unique gift you are looking for, along with a few of my all time favourites sneaking in.

Rainbow Throwers Pin
Loop Ornaments from Embroiderwee
Partial Painting Rental by Katrina Jurjans
My Krylon Colour Pick of the Year = Candy Razz
Benefit Blue Mascara
Golden Botanicals Paper Flowers