Dear Diary,

More than a few years ago, I was inspired on a trip to Los Angeles to create with chocolate. I love chocolate more than I could ever say and to create with and for chocolate felt like the best idea ever.

I created a mood board of all of the things that I might want to try…but nothing stuck.

I talked to a handful of chocolatiers and shops but nothing felt right—so time marched on and my days of being Willy Wonka slowly faded.

But then…

during the launch party of my Holiday installation for Pusateri’s this year, Sarah from CBXO attended with her incredible painterly chocolates and epic smash-able disco eggs. She asked if we could collaborate in 2018 and I just about shit myself. She was essentially making one of my wildest dreams come true and she had no idea. I would be welcomed into her & Brendan’s Toronto chocolate factory to create chocolate art! OMFG!

Fast forward to this last month—I have been working with Sarah and her team to make our Mother’s Day collaboration come to life. I created props for our photo shoot, we hand-painted 400 chocolate boxes and dusted them in iridescent glitter! Ombre caramels were created with glee and our very own disco egg with pink bubbly chocolate & sprinkles instantly came to life like it was intended.

I could not be happier to have had this experience and to have made this dream come true! It was meant to be! I was Willy Wonka for a day! I fell in love with CBXO & their killer cool team! I am so proud and excited to share our collaboration with you and I hope you enjoy our creations and can taste the love that we poured into this project!

Scoop up your chocolates here online & pop by their shop or Pusateris for these beauties and our disco egg!

Thank you Sarah for everything!