Dear Diary,

When I moved into my old 1920’s beach apartment almost 10 years ago, the walls were textured with many layers of old wallpaper and age that was painted and I loved the character that it gave to the space. I painted those walls a coconut milk white (and then years later) they were slathered in a very pale pink. But, it was not until my home was under renovation this past year that my old vintage walls really took a beating. I vowed that I would finish my hallway and dining room once the action from renovating my kitchen and bathroom were complete. I keep to my vows and I never skip a promise-especially when it means taking a project across the finish line.

Enter stage right: HOME DEPOT CANADA

When I jumped on their website, I was greeted by a buffet of selection of Graham and Brown paintable papers and I jumped right on a few different styles of paper!

What is anaglypta?


Anaglypta is a range of paintable textured wallcoverings made from paper or vinyl. It is produced on traditional paper and paste-the-wall substrates. Anaglypta is similar to Lincrusta, except it is made of cheaper materials (Lincrusta is made from a gelled paste of linseed oil and wood flour).

I know that you have seen this type of paper when walking the wallpaper isle of Home Depot Canada. It is all white with a texture on it. You have likely not known that you willingly walked by a paper that would make all your imperfect walls perfect again. I have entirely relied on this paper to give my old walls a new face. I never knew how much depth and texture this paper could deliver—but it is DREAMS!

I have put it on my kitchen ceiling, in my dining room and up and down my hallway. It has literally given my antique lady space a facelift and she looks so stunning. Oh so stunning!

Not one to rely on this kind of look in more than one room—I broke all of my rules because the walls were in such need. This paper in each space proved me wrong and made me a believer. If you keep your walls in a fresh white—the texture speaks for itself and delivers an energy to the room that feels warm and inviting and less patterned and more soulful.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this very affordable paper has changed my home life. I guess what I am trying to tell you is that the rules were meant to be broken and that sometimes doing something you wouldn’t normally do is surprisingly fresh and right.

My place feels so fresh. It feels so right. Don’t we all want to feel that way?

Try some anaglypta. Just saying.