Dear Diary,

I know that we have talked about my Krylon colour collection before, and I am sorry to be so repetitive about it—but when I designer gets a colour collection– it is kinda cool. The kinda cool that has you dreaming in colours all the time and coming up with combinations that makes you swoon. So, that is what I am doing in my spare moments. I am thinking of ways to spray colours into life and combine finishes that have never been tried.

Enter IRIDESCENT! In an effort to match my holiday décor to my newly refreshed Glitter Suite—I dreamed up a multi-coloured Christmas that not only used over 6 of my signature colours—but sprayed them all together to make an iridescent finish! It is so dreamy and matches my home to a “T”!

The trend is only starting. Get on the scene and make it your own.

I used my old white artificial Christmas tree that was pre-lit to start. By spot spraying the following on pretty much anything that I had from Holiday’s past—I turned everything that I had into a candy-coloured Christmas!

Here is what I used:

One thing that I learned was that if something that I sprayed was not light in colour, I had to spray it first with white. Keep this in mind when you are digging things out to spray in this style! The iridescent vibe comes through brighter when the base is lighter!

When I spot sprayed everything, I just made sure to spray spots of each colour evenly all over whatever it was that I was making iridescent. My one expert tip is to use the CANDY PEAR last! There is something magical about that Candy Pear! It is the unsung hero in my collection—and one of my most cherished colours in the bunch because it has a really interesting shape-shifter like quality in spray paint world and I really love what it does when you layer it!

The last fun thing that I did, was put a bunch of ornaments in a basket and spot spray and shake them over and over with each colour. The surface results of these ornaments were something that can only be described as speckled rocks or marble. They looked iridescent because the colours were the same as what I sprayed out a wreath and my Christmas tree in—but they had their own vibe. Trimmed on the tree with some vintage ornaments—they were a sensation and way too easy to make. I love this spray and shake concept because nothing gets smudged or messed up and somehow everything looks so one of kind. Try it!

If you want to scoop up these Krylon colours and check out a full spread about my iridescent candy-coloured Christmas—send yourself over to Home Hardware. You can grab their in house magazine with the full spray out story and grab yourself some cans of these colours to get spraying!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS + remember to make your holiday your own!