(Image from a favorite of mine, Marian Bantjes)

Since I was a little girl I would write secret wish lists for myself just to keep track of all my hidden hopes and secret wants. A dear friend reminded me of this little exercise.  I figured I would uncover and share it all.  Here is what I came up with (in no particular order):

-I want to go to India for a month.

-I want to learn another language in the country of its origin.  France.  3 months.

-I want to lead a creative empire into global glitter domination.

-I want to put out a book that inspires and leads others into a wonder-filled existence.

-I want to plant an entire forest in the name of CRAFT!  Giving back to the source that has supplied me with so much!

-I want to learn how to play piano.

-I want to learn how to play tennis and  play all the time.

-I want to travel the globe doing inspirational and creative events, classes and workshops!

-I want to do yoga everyday and learn to teach it.

-I want my own paddle board so I can head down to the lake when I want.

-I want a personal trainer who meets me at my house 5 days a week first thing in the morning.

-I want to donate *almost* all my clothing and start again.   I would also love the budget to match that task.

-I want to host a huge gratitude party and invite everyone I know and give everyone the loot bag of their dreams!

-I want to teach children all over the world to make art and beautiful things with what they have.

-I want to set up art facilities for children all over the world to create and empower teachers to make something out of nothing.

-I want to take care of my family and friends forever so they do not have to worry anymore.

-I want to live half of my year in California and half of my year in Toronto.  Good-bye winter!

-I want to travel to wonderful and exciting places all over the world every month making someone or something beautiful.

-I want massive bundles of plants and flowers in every room of my home and flower deliveries when I am home.

-I want another weenier dog one day.

-I want a few of those hot pink dyed carpets for my home.

-I want a new computer.

-I want a new mattress.

-I want new undies and bras.

-I want fancy monogrammed sheets to use forever.

-I want to have dinner with my family all together at least once a month.

-I want to go to fashion week in Paris, New York, Italy and London every year.

-I want Free People and American Apparel (or anyone) to sponsor me so I can do a weekly style shoot in their clothes.

-I want my hair dresser on retainer.

-I want to be in magazines all the time for something.

-I want subscriptions to all my favorite magazines.

-I want host wickedly fun charity events.

-I want to create endlessly all the time and get paid handsomely for my time and talent.

-I want sponsorships and to help spread the word about good people and good things.

-I want to create a scholarship/grant for creative entrepreneurs to have support, start-up money and guidance to execute their dreams.

-I want to be a photoshop genius and BLOG *almost* everyday and have the help to make that possible if I cannot.

-I want to have a team of  deliciously talented people around me to help make all this magic possible.

-I want to have time to BE in the middle of the hurry.

-I want to hug strangers all the time for no reason.

-I want to throw glitter in the air when I walk down the street all the time.

-I want a camera crew to follow me during some of my adventures.

-I want to sew more clothes.



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