Thank You

Nothing in life is ever possible without support, love and wonderful friends who believe in what you do and support your vision. Here is a list of the stellar and super talented network that I have the pleasure of knowing and working with! Thank you to everyone listed (or not) for coming into my world and making it a better place!  I send you a huge sparkling kiss!


Soloteam Design: The art curriculums that have been formatted and made beautiful (by you) are countless at this point–you do them with out hesitation. The endless support by pulling my world together- last minute- graphically and otherwise are unmeasurable. Therapy and business consultant too boot.  I am lost without you.

Hello Dear Design: Where do I start?  I can only say you have designed my dreams ever since our first project birthing GLITTER PIE and it has been all love and up hill success since.  Where would I be without your talent and patience?  My inbox has become “present-town” with your e-mails like Christmas morning. Our friendship the added bonus.

J. King & Co.It is insane the amount of things one person is capable of.  Building of things and spaces for interior design clients, the composer of music for my crafting videos, audio genius, graphic design + site building for and really the one person I have to loop in on most projects cause there will always be something you can do to make it better. Thank you for being you.


Tara McMullen Photography: You constantly surprise and delight me with your genius eye.  The only person who has ever captured life as i see it— my creative soul sister who completes me and what I do by snapping every moment better than I could have ever realized it to be.  Right with me on this creative journey—so lucky.

Michelle Quance Photography: You see things as they are and enhance it everyday with your flair and style.  I love knowing you and working along side of your visions.  Your support in my abilities and mentoring mean so much.

Robin Cimitruk Photography: Thank you for showing up in my life and shooting all of the amazing memories that I have had with GLITTER PIE.  You have been with me through so many changes and jumped on every creative project without hesitation. I really value and treasure your time and talent and feel so lucky that you have been with me to capture things when I was distracted and overwhelmed while creating.  Beauty comes from chaos.  Thank you.


Flash Frame Digital: You were with me before the crafting videos even happened.  Lee De Lang, you filmed so many treasured memories from GLITTER PIE that I do not know how I will ever re-pay or communicate my gratitude.  From our never completed ART STUDIO DOCUMENTARY to my first crafting video—you stepped in and supported the magic.  Thank you so much for all your time and talent!

Amrita Singh-Frugalista: From producer supreme on most of my TV appearances, to co-creator on your lifestyle videos where I have the pleasure of art directing–I thank you.  Thank you for believing in me and for letting me do my thing and trusting it will all happen right.  Thank you for stepping in and backing me in life, supporting my talent and love for making life beauty-full.  I treasure you.

Martha Kerr: You came in and made crafting videos happen.  Without hesitation you wanted to take on craft-video producing with me and for that I am grateful cause nobody would have done it like you.  Thank you for believing and supporting GLITTER PIE in every way.  You truly touch my heart.

A grateful mind is a great mind, which eventually attracts to itself GREAT THINGS!  -PLATO

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