Styled: Engagement Shoot- Boho Badlands Camping… Love!


I am sitting in a coffee shop, staring at Alex’s big eyes dancing around the room as she describes this dream boho camping site she wants to create for Elle and Dan.  There is only one reason I am sitting with Alex at this moment.  My heart starts pumping as I realize I will be the maker of this dream scene.  Every detail in my hands.  I am so excited.

Enter Elle. Gorgeous blonde with the dream hippy vibe and all of the trimmings.  A facetime meeting ensued, where she is running through her house showing me items that I have requested and things she wants to include.  My regular 20 questions happen.  I want to get to the core of who they are.  What they do as I couple.  What they love.  Why they love it. I want to be her BFF in 30 minutes so that on shoot day….we are close.  She trusts me.  We can do this dream in real time.

I need to run around and find the right spot, I pull the ratchets out to rig up the tent.  It is magic time in the badlands.  I need a few minutes to let it all tumble of of bags and into organic position.  Scan the clothes and pick what works and get the love light on.

There were candles burning.  It smelled like incense.  Guitar strumming was the soundtrack and homemade apple crumble and tea were served.  Was this an engagement shoot or a dream?  I was in love the whole time.  Life is a sensory experience and I wanted the shoot to be just that.  Touch. Taste. Smell. Hear.

I was madly in love with it all by the end. I would love to thank Alex for allowing me to make her vision come true.  Your talent and wild eye//wild heart shine though in all you do.  These photos speak for themselves.  Elle and Dan–Thank you.  Thanks for being beauty-full and for playing along with such delight and trust.  I am so excited to style your wedding.  The summer cannot come fast enough.  And lastly, Restoration Hardware…those battery powered lights are magic. Thank you! XO

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