One thing that I cannot live without is spending time with children and adults being in art and the realm of making together.  Teaching and instructing found me and now I find time and the space to inspire regularly!  I taught art full time to children ages 2-Adult for many years, so depending on the season, I host workshops and classes when it works in the schedule.  Sometimes I host painting in my home, other times I find new and interesting spaces to work from.  Since having my own studio—I have learned to love a rotating environment.  Stay tuned for my next scheduled ART play date!

Closet Revamping/Stylist

I spent my early twenties dressing ELITE women and reformatting their closets, while I shopped for their latest and greatest.  I did this long enough to see the seasons come and go many times.  I got savvy to how garments were cut and how certain styles transcended season to season.  I also got to understand the psychology of dressing and the power of finding a personal style. I get a creative rush when I can get to know a woman or man and help them look their best and achieve their personal style.  Part of the challenge is to see what lies inside the closet and make old new again and integrate some fresher, coveted items to pull all of the pieces together to make a stylists masterpiece.  This service is personal, transformational and truly organizational for anyone looking to find their style in what already exists.  

Dressing Motto:

“Dress now.  Think later.”  Your first impulse is always the best!

Room Design-Home Decor/Stylist

Often, I can go into a space and find that the vibes are all wrong for simple reasons.  Something big or small is missing.  Usually, I can use what exists within a home and keep the soul of its key possessions intact.  I just re-imagine them in a way that is current and new.  Simple changes and adjustments breathe style and happiness into a room so that life feels new again in an old space.  I have worked on projects big and small and every challenge inspires me and delights in the end.  Where you live is very important to how you live.  When you feel good about where you reside, you feel at home in your heart.

Art Direction

Looking for a fresh new perspective on LIFE?  Let me show you a whole new way of seeing things.


Wedding & Engagement Stylist

When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone,  you want the day you do it to be authentic and special with every detail and gesture.  In a world where we are bombarded with pinterest and blogs where we see so much of what we want–it is hard to know how to get it and achieve it ourselves within a reasonable budget.  That is why I exist. I can organize, demystify and help creatively style your day the way you imagine it to be. Minus the big wedding planner headache and fee.

Outfit Construction/Style Consultation

Do you have a style signature that you always see in magazines or on racks and never know how to take that look into your real life—BUT YOU LOVE IT?  Do you struggle knowing what looks good on you and how to wear the clothes you buy properly?  In a few hours, I can help you translate your style, compose a shopping list of what you need and what to avoid and help you infuse these items with your existing style/wardrobe to update and freshen your look–season to season.

Product Development

When innovation and creative freedom collide delicious things happen.  Why not open the pearly gates of corporate town to me and allow some “out of the box” thinking and inventive concepts to flood in?  I love beautiful thoughtful packaging, I love seeing something I have never seen before, I love thinking of ways that something can come to life to make the world happier. Letting me drop in like Glenda the good witch on your project will only result in really good ideas and reinvention.  Lets sketch, think and feel our way into something new and wonderful together.

Arts & Crafts

You name it, I can make it.  The sky is the limit and my imagination knows no bounds.  Do you have an arts and crafts project that needs some professional time?  Do you have an idea- but do not know how to execute it?  Do you need a bunch of extra- crafty -handmade items created and you have no idea who to call?  Do you want to give a gift that is one of a kind and made specifically for someone? Anything under the glittering umbrella of Arts & Crafts is my home—-honey, I am HOME!  Call me!

Handwriting for HIRE!

Party invites, wedding invitations, posters, love letters, vows or just addressing every envelope you send because you like the fancy.  My handwriting and one of a kind flourish is for hire!  Just ask!

Art Curriculum

Having spent many years creating at many art studios and owing my own for many years, I know how to make a room tick with possibility and wonder.  Ages 2-Adult are my specialty.  These are not grandma’s white glue and popsicle stick projects–these are tried and tested projects based on whimsy and founded on function.  If you need art curriculum for your school, camp, daycare, Mommy’s group, art studio, magazine DIY, your home or for life in general.  Please inquire.  I want to share these projects that inspire the soul and have a place in your home.  I want to share my unique take on teaching and presenting art–so that more beauty may enter our world everyday spontaneously and organically.

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