My latest interior design project!


This month I was featured in Toronto Life magazine as the interior designer to one of FIVE awesome tiny condos in Toronto.  (November 2012/page: 92) What a thrill.  Living proof that I can really design your life.

Nothing makes a designer happier than a client who trusts you and truly knows that no matter what you do–it will be good.  Thank you Tara McMullen! This story begins when Tara did a photo shoot at my home and fell in love with how my space felt and looked.  She told me about her place and how depressing it was and said that she needed help.  I had no idea how much fun it would be to transform her living space entirely,  she had no idea she had just hired Lucille Ball to make her lady condo a dream palace. Off we go!!

They key to creating an authentic home for someone is by using the things that they already have and reintroducing them in fresher ways so that their home still feels like them.  I also like to eliminate all of the things that no longer make the home owner happy or inspired so that we take that emotional weight out of a room.  Fresh, light and inspiring is how one should feel when they come home–this was my goal for Tara. She had a comprehensive Pinterest board of images and a month where she would not be home.  This was all I needed to pull this off.  I sketched her a floor plan of how I saw her space in my mind and made lists of all the moving parts that we would need to make the vision come to life.  Tara trusted, left town and came home to a different space.

I could not have pulled off this transformation without Jacob King.  Jacob is a builder, fixer, maker and installer of dreams.  He ran beside me ripping up hardwood floors, hanging fixtures, hauling things out off lawns and out of garbage bins and building custom pieces for Tara’s ultimate vision to come to life. We removed ALL fixtures within the condo that came with it to ensure it was totally bespoke and filled with a vibe that only something custom can bring into a space.  She has a killer bathroom, patio and snuggle room that are not pictured.  Tara and I will style and capture her space together soon and repost her space entirely. You wont want to miss it!

I love the collage wall I made for her.  It was a bunch of posters she had unframed, pictures that were loose and laying about her space, postcards I found, things I ripped out of her favorite books, notes that friends had written her, old childhood memories I found in boxes, funny images from retro playboy’s and the list goes on….  It really is the best conversation piece for a dining room and Tara can see it from her bed.  I imagine that when she opens her eyes in the morning she feels love and happiness at the array of goodness staring back at her.

The thing I love the most about transforming spaces is that it is a journey, it unfolds for you sometimes and the space tells you what needs to be where and why. I step in and make adjustments and tweaks to the experience I have created, ensuring that it is inviting and real.  Living is personal, your space is a reflection of how you live.  If I can help people see themselves and their stuff in a new way and help someone live as stylishly as they dream and make that come true, then I am doing my job. Thank you Tara for giving me the opportunity to do this and thank you Jacob for being right there to make it happen. XO

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