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 In building my new business website, I was uninspired by the images available to me online. Someone recommended to me that I have my own “stock photos” taken. I had no idea where to begin, but I did remember coming across Tiffany’s website about a year, and being totally inspired by her energy and esthetic. From our first interactions I was over the moon excited about getting to work with Tiffany. She did a great job of pulling out exactly what I wanted and needed for the shoot. The experience of working with her felt like collaborating with someone I’ve know for a lifetime and left me feeling confident in my new website launch. The pictures turned out amazing and I can’t wait to work with Tiffany again on styling other areas of my business. She is magic!

xo Amanda



My Dear Tiffany,
It’s hard to think of words to adequately express our gratitude for all that you did to make our wedding such a beautiful and magical day.
When we first met, you said that you would crawl inside my head and help realize our vision. You did more than that! You amplified my hopes and dreams for everything that our wedding could be, and unified a diverse and at times divisive group of vendors around the real reason why – which was to celebrate!
I can’t tell you how many people told us that ours was the most special wedding they had been to. The beauty of the space, the ceremony, all the details, and the magic of you!
Tiffany Pratt – Thank you!
J + A


Once you are swept away by the tidal-wave of awesome that is Tiffany Pratt, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the ride. From the second I first watched this kissed-by-fire creature of creativity stroll into Balzacs I knew this would be a meeting unlike any other. She has this amazing way of balancing the business with the fun, spending equal parts understanding my vision for our wedding and the logistics of all that, and understanding who we are as a couple. After many meetings like this, where we drilled down to who we are, and what was really special and meaningful to us, we ended up with results that were so “us” I cried when I saw them.


The decor of the wedding was the file that had me the most nervous because with everything else, you pretty much know what you’re getting. For example, the dress I got to see at least four times — but decorations, you only see all together one time: the big day. So I put my trust in Tiffany and I’m so glad I did. Not only does she know how to pick a spot for meetings (so many delicious encounters, I can’t even tell you), but she hugs you (properly — no wussy hugs) when she sees you, sings when she’s pumped, and definitely isn’t afraid to go big. That last point is important, because sometimes I’m a little bit afraid to go big, but with Tiffany’s support I broke out of my shell and went for it. So big in fact I ended up with two TREES at the wedding!! I didn’t know if I should, but she was right, and they totally MADE the entrance-way. Of course, Tiffany probably would have accepted five, but I digress.


Our wedding had a rustic, cabin-in-the-woods motif as a nod to both of our upbringings in the cottages and cabins of our youth. So Tiffany had the tough job of taking our endless boxes of knick knacks and cabin artifacts — and even a trophy buck — and arranging them in such a way throughout Archeo that it didn’t turn into “tchotchke-hell,” as she put it. The final look was so breathtaking, we had wait staff and management from the Distillery District telling us they’d never seen Archeo look better. You walked in and it was like you’d been transported to a rustic hunting lodge, but with all the shine and sophistication you’d expect from a Distillery District wedding in downtown Toronto. I just wanted to wrap myself up in it.


Every step of the way was fun working with Tiffany. If I saw something while hunting for “rustic” items, I’d send her a text and right away I’d get an “AMAZE BALLS” or “DO IT” for encouragement. Brainstorming is an art form for this one as well. I LOVED riffing our ideas together — for example, to bring colour into the room, she suggested flannel shirts on the end chairs at each table. As she predicted, not only did these look fantastic, as the night went on, people took them off the chairs and put them on to take pictures! All I had to do was spend a couple hours “thrifting” to collect the threads and we were set. Just one of her many ideas that added so much to the look and feel of the night.


After months of plotting and scheming, the day before the wedding was upon us. While I still had some bridal-nerves lingering, she came by to pick up the truckload of decorations I’d collected, crafted or otherwise accumulated. She brought her can-do attitude, dynamite smile and excitement, and my anxiety didn’t stand a chance. So if you’re considering bringing Tiffany on to your team for your wedding, party, or whatever you’ve got in the works, debate no more. One meeting with her is all it takes to know you’re in good hands. She’ll make your event that much more fantastic — and your life, too. She brings the love.





Hiring Tiffany Pratt was the absolute best decision we could have made for our wedding, and we still can’t believe how she managed to transform our cottage venue into the most exquisite wedding of our dreams. She is a professional with both big picture vision and attention to detail, and she could not have done a better job of crafting a magical space that quite literally took our breath away. Tiffany was a joy to work with – she understood our budget, kept our material costs low, and yet spared no expense in her own creative genius when it came to creating something beautiful and elegant, seemingly out of thin air. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone and everyone, and I am truly thankful to her for making our day more wonderful than we could ever have imagined.






-Andreas & Daina Palalas


Practically Magic

I let a wizard into my life when I opened my door to Tiffany Pratt (in Technicolor) for the first time.

I had fallen for her design sense when I accidentally stumbled onto her blog – following a written aside to glittery gift jars full of tinsel and delight… and then I just couldn’t leave.  I compulsively went though the pages of color, detail, happiness and, non-tacky, omnipresent love, love and love. I thought, ‘This woman feels our times’.  A times where we need to start trading in the bought glamour of luxury and money for something more personal: the joy of DIY, the joy of art and the joy of the everyday fantastical.

Clicking through the links, I stumbled onto the image of a closet that looked like it was filled with the contents of a dress-up trunk.  The section title read: Closet Re-Vamping/Stylist. I knew I had to do it. When I made the arrangements with Tiffany, she referred to it as ‘Wardrobe Re-Imagining’. I had no idea it would be so much more than that.

Before she arrived, I set out my shoes (now looking all wrong and uninteresting) with my scarves, belts, purses and jewelry. I had an overwhelming feeling of boredom. Yes, at one point I had gone crazy over several of the pieces, bought them and then, somehow, at home lost interest. Some of them had been talismanic for a ‘me’ that I had hoped to become but had never gotten there.

Tiffany, on the other hand, came in and was utterly confident. She stacked four sets of gold and silver bangles with a silver cuff, mixed them, and then split them in half, handing me a large handful to wear on either arm with a ‘you should wear all of them daily’.  I had never worn more than a ‘tasteful’ two or four at a time. That was just the beginning.

She wound the strap of soft, tiny messenger bag and tied it with ribbon, squashing it under her arm to show me how it I could carry it like a clutch, she took a graphic modern collar necklace and paired it with traditional ornate gold earrings, she matched a pair of 120-year old Tibetan earrings with a modern, tattered neckpiece and accessorized an oversized dark brown clutch with two tiny teal feathers. Then she made me try it all on. I took one look at myself and, instantly, realized, I had been living way too small. Something in myself shifted.

Then we moved onto my clothes.  Systematically, she assembled outfits, like a collage maker putting together a piece of work:  picking contrasts between masculine/feminine, raw/smooth and big/small volumes.  She moved quickly. Hemlines were pinned up, sleeves were marked for alternations, and too-matchy belts were removed.  Sometimes, she would suggest getting a new set of buttons to move a piece from staid to special.  Only very rarely would she get rid of something. Almost everything was usable through her resourcefulness.   I watched her High Fashion Eye, honed during her time in New York City, work with her Inner Artist to make outfits that felt ultra-current and not trend, all at the same time.

She asked about makeup and I told her that I owned some but rarely wore it. She looked through what I had, patting on a wine lip color and then layering a nude lipstick over it. She smudged my eyes with smoky eye color and added liner. I could not stop staring at my face. I had no idea I could look like that.

She also taught me that More = Right. What I thought of as ‘Too Much’ looked amazing on the body. A wrinkled silk blouse was matched with a sleek skirt and only half-tucked with a long, silver necklace made of small chains and finished with a pair of high black suede booties. A leather belt was re-purposed into a wrapped and knotted bracelet and paired with a fitted black blouse, textured belt, black fishnet hose and high lace up oxfords.  A tiny cardigan was layered over a color-blocked tunic and layered with a jagged star-bust necklace and then put with jeans. In the end, she created 18 outfits for me: all Wearable, Doable, and Practical.

Tiffany, somehow through her skills and experience, found the ‘Ideal Me ’ – the person I had always been trying to express through my clothes.

Now, weeks later, I dress ‘her’ way all the time.

I Feel Beautiful.

I Feel Visible.

I Feel like a Rock Star.



I am so thankful that Tiffany has been in my life for the last, what, 5 years? She is an exuberant, passionate and creative force who helps me deliver on my artistic and design pursuits – she works hard to know exactly who I am and what my particular esthetic is.  And then she helps me to manifest my visions into realities – some of which bring me nothing but pure joy when I see them on my walls (I say “some” only because I am not sure any artist loves absolutely all of her work).

Tiffany has an incredible artistic eye and she is way ahead of the curve in terms of knowing what is current and what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.  She often tries to push me out of my box which, while difficult, helps me to grow and I am always thankful for it though often much later in the process.  Equally critical, Tiffany always seems to know how to start the engines when I get stuck and I get stuck a lot – without her I would have a lifetime of half-finished projects with no greater prospects than being tossed into my garage.

But most of all, I always end up thinking, I need more people like Tiffany in my life – she is so great with people of all ages and she brings such love and light every where she goes.



Allow me to share my recent experience with Tiffany Pratt…I was BLOWN away by this girl!!

 Last week Tiffany and I spend time together going through my wardrobe which I thought was pathetic, I believed I had nothing to wear and needed to start from scratch by chucking it all in a bag headed to Value Village BUT I was SOOOO wrong.

 She put together outfits that I would have never imaged on my own. I didn’t think it would be possible but she saved almost all of my clothes and magically turned them into fresh, current, hip and great pieces to work with. It was so much fun and she ended up saving me money, lol!!

 She is awesome to work with, unpretentious, kind, sensitive, funny and calmly confident about her abilities. She knows her stuff, truly.

If you ladies have had even a mere thought of revamping your wardrobe, DO IT with Tiffany…you won’t regret it!

-Daniella Kim


As soon as I got engaged, Ms. Pratt was there at every stage of wedding planning from helping to pick out a wedding dress that was flattering for my figure, to choosing jewellery and purchasing make-up and doing multiple make-up trials prior to the big day. On my wedding day, Tiffany made me a vision of beauty by working with the hair stylist and applying my make-up to be flawless and camera ready. She primped me all day and night making sure that not a single hair on my head or eyelash was out of place and made my wardrobe changes seamless.  I did not have to worry about a thing on my wedding day because of Ms. Pratt and was able to completely enjoy myself as a result. It is because of Tiffany’s meticulous attention to detail, fashion sense, and ability to flatter ones features that I look fabulous in all of my wedding photos. I am forever grateful to Tiffany and would do it all over again in a heartbeat with her in my corner.

-Dr. Evelyn Bak


I was blown away, at how quickly Tiffany zeroed in on my style, she took my room from a 7 to a 10 ++

Her intuitive ability, playful style, and incredible skill, allowed her to create my dream space.

Tiffany is a stylist extraordinare. She is the perfect co-creator of spaces. She will take what you have, rearrange, delete,  add a few new things, and turn your room into a dream space with great vibe.



“Glitter Pie taught my kids to explore art in new and exciting ways and continues to inspire them to make something extraordinary out of virtually nothing. 

Tiffany is uncontrollably unique and loveable. Her approach to teaching art is so refreshing and shaped our girls into super confident artists. 

Our home is adorned with Glitter Pie crafts that consistently get compliments! At home, we’re convinced that life without Gllitter would be utterly boring!”



Who drives over an hour every week to come to a painting class?  Someone who is coming to be a part of Tiffany’s world! From the energy, to the singing, to the encouragement and pure joy, it’s an oasis from the every day.  Beyond that, for me, it was a chance to try something completely new and have an inner creativity I didn’t even know I had, brought out.  No lengthy studies on the trio of pears, nor in depth analysis of what is cerulean blue.  It’s an opportunity to be inspired to create, in the most wonderful free-flowing way.  Top that all off with someone who really knows how to harness every artistic medium available et voila! – magic.  Already looking forward to the next piece.”     -Supriya


 Hands down, Tiffany’s creativity, craftiness, fashion sense, and design sensibilities are bar none.  As a TV producer I rely on guests who offer the perfect balance of preparation and performance, and Tiffany never disappoints.  Her professionalism and out-of-the-box-thinking combine beautifully to inspire and bring smiles. 

-Amrita Singh


I recently spent a very worthwhile afternoon with the Queen of Glitter Pie, the fabulous Tiffany Pratt.

Tiffany reworked the clothes in my bursting closet into 20 wearable ” GO TO” outfits to get me out the door, in style and in a hurry.  What a time saver!  Now I am ready for anything this summer has to offer.  She helped me get rid of clothes that were cluttering up my closet that I should never ever wear (I had no idea) as they just don’t suit my body type or my colouring.  Tiffany zeroed in on items I already own that I should be wearing all the time and she put them together in cool outfits.  Best of all I have no interest in going shopping for more clothes, I have more than enough in my own closet.

I just saved myself a bundle!  I look good and feel really organized.



We met Tiffany on one of the coldest winter days EVER in Connecticut, but her warmth, energy and unlimited creativity made us feel a special heat in our hearts.  She brought light into our studios and her ideas are priceless.  I consider her a mentor, a friend and our glitter queen.  Green Moon will be forever grateful for her ongoing curriculums and pure love!



Tiffany Pratt where do I start? … As a Dad one of my best choices so far, was to sign up my 6 year old daughter for private Art lessons with Tiffany . Ever since those lessons my daughter has had a deep appriciation for everything art and her personal art creations always have a little extra glitter on them.
As a Husband that wants to look cool for his wife , every Spring and Fall I call Tiffany to take me shopping. Tiffany always gets me comfortable with the uncomfortable. From wearing new hats and scarves to travel suits, Tiffany’s choices are always cool and fashion forward.
As a business person, I actually tear up in admiration thinking of the work and effort Tiffany put forth to make ‘Glitter Pie in a Box’ a reality and to be nationaly featured in all ROOTS stores, as well being a reoccuring guest expert on several TV shows. That’s not easy to do!
Last but not least, Tiffany is a great person to be around and she always adds a little extra glitter to your day.
Ryan Shanahan – Friend



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