Holiday Gingerbread House Building Magic!


Children bring out the spirit of every Holiday; I intensify the hoopla by hosting my annual cookie decorating workshop every December.  I have ‘Willy Wonka’ styled the occasion with more coloured icing and candies than you could imagine. This year, Tori, from my favorite bakeshop in Toronto: TORI’S BAKESHOP, asked me to host their first annual Gingerbread House building sessions.  This was a nice change of pace.  Tori makes most everything gluten-free, organic, refined sugar-free and vegan.  What a killer combination!  Beauty, craft, deliciousness and whole food–in one.  Bam!

We ordered ULINE gable boxes and decorated them with oil pastels to transport the goodness.  I also brought neon pipecleaners, leaves, neon tags and beads to make *beauty* box toppers!

Truly, I ate more gingerbread that afternoon than I have in my lifetime.  Why? Tori bakes with love, and that gluten-free goodness kept me coming back for more.  I could have drunk the icing.  The candies were all organic, old school looking and wrapped in these darling little stamped paper bags.  Love is in the details and Tori has that in the bag…..literally.

Elle and Lily are twin sisters and Glitter Pie veterans.  They tackled this gable box together and the results were epic.  Best BOX of the day!

The entire afternoon was filled with friends and families that I have created with over the years.  My heart exploded every minute seeing a familiar face walk through the door, everyone grown up and still creating with me!  I have extreme gratitude to every family that came out to Tori’s Bakeshop that afternoon.  If you did not make it that Sunday, I urge you to head down to the bakeshop!  They will be hosting gingerbread making sessions 1-4 every Sunday till the 23rd of December! Call and reserve your spot! Happy Icing! XO

All these beauty-full photos were captured by the charming Patrick Murphy at Tori’s Bakeshop.  Talented man.

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