Blame it on Harry Potter, or my ever-present princess complex.  No matter the excuse, creating wands are always a good idea to me!  Not just any wands…magic wands. Children of all ages love a good wand, and there is no better place than in your own backyard to find the perfect one.

Scouring Pinterest, I happened on these very styled “wands”, unlike the ones I had enhanced with glitter and more glitter over the years at my studio.  An upcoming project with the very dear *Kate* was just the inspiration I needed to make these beauties myself!

Here, Kate and I did our own versions of some Pinterest “wands” we coveted, ENJOY!

We spray painted and gessoed our sticks to work from a basic white or gold base—leaving some parts natural for true juxtaposing pleasure. We wrapped some with yarn and pretty threads.  Some we added sequins and ribbons.  Others got a heart-on and that was it!  No matter our direction, Kate and I were pleased with our varied and truly magical collection.

Go out hunting with your friends and children for the perfect crafternoon project, you need nothing special or fancy to make these creations come to life!  You do not need to be a certain age or sorcerer to create magic either….your wand will find you….I promise!

Kate and I stuck to a very similar colour scheme, so that together—they looked like a perfect collection!

We both had favorite sticks because of the shapes and scales, but that was half the FUN….letting these shapes and sizes inform our design choices and our patterns.



-Acrylic paint

-Threads, ribbons, twine and yarn



Kate was my inspiration to do these for real!  An upcoming project that she and I have been crafting is almost ready for show and these homespun creations are apart of it!  Stay tuned!

I HIGHLY recommend creating magic wands with people you love so many times.  The room will glow with excitement as your creations come to life together–you will see! Truly wonderful projects and one-of-a-kind moments are at your finger tips with just a few basic supplies– combined with an outdoor scavenger hunt.  No need to visit Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley for these whimsical beauties, everything you need is in your own backyard! Happy Crafting!  XO

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