DIY: JAR PARTY! Hostess Gifty

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Jar party

My inspiration: Tara McMullen.  After a long few weeks without my dear Tara, I met her for breakie with a jar filled with tinsel and mini plastic dinosaurs (her favorite little thing).  *She lost her bloody mind*  Right there, over her eggs…all she could talk about, stare at, was this magic little gesture of love. I was onto something!!  A week later we were shooting this Holiday inspired moment at the Glitter Suite. Jar Parties!!! Reusable, whimsical, personal and totally sparkly!  Easy to make up a quick dozen, filled with your favorite little things and sure to bring delight to any occasion.  Rule #1 during the glitter season: never show up empty handed!  It can be daunting during this time to keep running out for the perfect thing to *bring*.  Your jar party is the solution.  Everything is cheaper when you buy a dozen and anything is easy to make in bundles!


I love this idea.  It is so easy, fun to make and fast to grab and give! Be prepared with something magical this season with this little morsel at the ready.  You can pick your own fillers and dazzlers—I just love my hot pink & pom pom vibe!  Customize and GO!  HUGE love and extreme thanks always to the super love of mine, Tara McMullen, who took the time and the pictures for this beauty-full DIY.  XO

**This DIY is featured in NOW magazine December 13-19th 2012- issue 1612, found in the ECOHOLIC section by: Adria Vasil.  Thank you so much Adria!  You rock my world!


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