Crochet! Crochet! Crochet!


As the weather down by the lake cools, I want to spend as much time as I can down by the water before they put up the seasonal fencing (which I strongly dislike) which blocks the direct access to the water near my glitter suite. :(
-Hot pink crochet project
-Lots of blush

I tell myself: What better time than this to polish up on my new crochet skills using my extra large *pink* needles? What better place to show off this electric shade of yarn than by the water where it looks so simply unnatural?  This juxtaposition rocks my world.
-Made a new fall accessory (shawl/scarf)
-Inspiration for me to make all my holiday gifts in crochet!
-Rock bare feet for maybe the last time this season (outside!)
(*Note to self & you: spending time with your self OUTSIDE with some shockingly good coloured yarn is good for the soul!)

SO! Take off somewhere woody, find a cove of space, sit under a tree or near a bush and feel the good meditative hum that comes only from the vibes of crafting and nature coming together! OM!

These good vibes and colourfully/beauty-fully shot photographic dreams captured by: The one and only TARA MCMULLEN! XO

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