Styled! DIY-Engagement Shoot-Christmas Tree Farm….LOVE!


I am getting used to the butterflies in my stomach when Alex asks me to style a shoot for her.  It feels like someone is saying to me, “Hey, I own a chocolate factory, would you like to come in and eat sometime?” All Alex needed to say to me was Christmas Tree farm- engagement shoot.  She had me at HELLO.

Visions of DIY ornaments, twinkle lights, white feathers and deep red danced in my head.

This is the part where she just lets go of the leash and lets me run.  She knows I will come back with something…..

Here, we find ourselves at the Glitter Suite, glittering balls, cutting up feather boas and mixing them up with fake snow and glitter.  Glitter-shake-and-baking pine cones…..we are almost there. Wild Eyed, meets wild crafter….

Enter stage left, Caitlin and Jason.  Two people who give me goose bumps just typing their names. Real love.  Authentic. Every laugh, every cuddle—totally REAL.  BAM!  We have a magic laced engagement shoot that filled my soul.  Ice that cake with the fact that STYLE ME PRETTY is featuring it on December 26th, 2012…..and now I have reached a stylists nirvana.

I send love to Alex for inviting me on this festive journey.  Your talent, ease and trust is edible.  Thank you.

I send love to Caitlin and Jason for being such great sports and for being so dreamy. Pictures are only as good as their subjects.

I send love to Lisa from Sweet Woodruff.  That epic bouquet was the cherry on top of every shot.

I lastly send love to Don Ludbrook the cute older man in the green toque driving the tractor.  That was his tree farm.  We glittered it.

Happy Holidays to ALL this glitter season.  I wish you all a most inspiring and wonder-filled 2013.   XO

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